Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Romeo&Juliet Essay

Some people think that projects are not valuable in the classroom.   Somebody thought that this project was a waste of time and that working with students from another state had no value.  But this project was hands on so it was more understandable for the students.  The project was also and out of class leaning experience so the students don't just learn inside of school.  The students were also taught how to use different technology, which means each child has experience with different tools for later in life.  Also each student was taught responsibility by giving everyone a different job.  The Romeo and Juliet project is more valuable than an ordinary English classroom project.
                One nice thing about this project is that the students were able to use different types of technology.  Some of the different technology tools the students could choose from is blogger, glogster, wikispaces, twitter, facebook, and skype.  The students have a lot of experience getting to use these different tools.  When a job opportunity comes, they may have a better chance at getting the job because of their experience.  If they had to do a job interview on the internet, they could use skype.  Also if they had to make a facebook for work the students know how to use it.  This project wasn’t just about teaching about technology, it was more understandable because it is a hands-on type of project.
                This Project is more understandable because it is a hands-on project.  Students learn more when it’s hands-on verses reading out of a book and taking a test on it.  Students don’t need to be tested to understand the material.  If the material is taught properly and the students pay attention it should be understood.  A project makes the material more understandable because everyone has their part.  People can remember specific topics when they do it themselves compared to doing the work as a class.  It’s not as much work for everyone to do their own part.  When students have to read two chapters a night and have a class discussion during class they depend on other students to do the work for them.  Not only was this project better because it’s hands-on, but it also allows the students to participate out of school.
                 With this project the students are able to participate not just in school, but out of school too.  The students had work that needed to be done outside of the classroom too.  At school some of the websites were blocked so the kids needed to finish their work at home and.  Mr. Provenzano also gave us discussion questions to do for homework.  Almost everyone had a job to do outside of school, whether it was memorizing lines, shopping for props, or even finding costumes for the people in the play.  This project required a lot of time and dedication for a good grade, but if they put effort in to the work and it showed then the students received a good grade.  Besides participating, the students were being taught responsibility.
                There were many ways that the kids were being taught responsibility. For this project they had to be sure to work their best to earn a good grade.  Everyone had different jobs and their own responsibilities.  If the students just read out of the book and had a test on it they depend on other kids in the class when they have a class discussion.  Also the kids may not fully understand if they were tested on it because it would be easier to cheat.  When everyone has their own job it is impossible to cheat.  The students would not be able to copy the work from somebody else either because everyone has a different job.  Responsibility was a big role in this school project.
                The Romeo and Juliet project was great for all the students.  This project was more understandable because it was hands on.  It was an out of class learning experience because work was to be done outside of school.  When the kids have experience with different technology, it will help for later in life.  This project also taught responsibility by giving each child a different job.  The Romeo and Juliet project has more value than any other english classroom project.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Props: Finishing up the project

We have finished filming all of the scenes and we are just waiting for Iowa to finish filming there scenes.  The last few things that need to be done is getting the scenes from Iowa so we can combine them and edit to make the finally movie.  This was one of the best projects i have done.  I really enjoyed it.  One thing I really liked was how everyone had their own part.  I liked how every one was responsible for their own thing.  It's exciting in the end because the outcome isn't just a test grade, it's a whole movie.  It's cool when you are working with kids from not just another school, but another state. I will remember this project forever and I am glad I was able to be a part of it!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Props: Glog!

This Glog is about some of the props we used in the scenes for our Romeo and Juliet play.  We decorated the cafeteria to a party theme.   The streamers were dangled from chandeliers and draped over the windows.  They were also put on the glass dividers in the cafeteria.  The disco ball was hanging from the ceiling.  The party invitations were passed out to Romeo and his friends and the masks were used at the dance to hide every ones faces.  A few other props that were used at the dance are strobe lights and a fog machine.  It wasn’t easy to decorate because we had limited supplies and people weren’t paying attention.  You have to be able to handle stress to be a prop master.  Many people try to take the job into their own hands and do things themselves. This just makes you frustrated because when you’re trying to do your job other people are trying to do it their way.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Props:Scenes 4&5

In these two scenes we had the school dance.  We had party streamers, masks, table cloths, and balloons.  We put streamers on the windows and the glass seperaters in the cafeteria.  The balloons went on the fireplace mantle.  Streamers were dangled across the chandelers.  Also we blew up balloons and placed them all over the floor.  We used the disco ball that I made earlier for this scene too.  Table cloths were put on the vending machine to hide it.  The masks were for everyone at the party.  The masks were feathery Mardi Gras masks and everyone had on costumes for the party.  We pushed all of the chairs and cafeteria tables to the back of the room to get them out of the scene.  Setting up props doesn't sound that hard.  When your the one buying and having to set everything up, it's not that easy.  I enjoy being in props, but sometimes when other people try to help they can just get in the way.  In the end it all worked and filmed a great scene.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Props for scene 2&5

For scene two and scene five.  I made dance tickets and a disco ball.  I made six tickets to hand out for the dance invitations.  I made these out of colored note cards.  I found an image on google to find a picture of people dancing and cut them out to glue them onto the note cards.  I used sharpies to write out "School Dance" and to draw the different colored polka dots. I also made a disco ball for the school dance.  I went to Joann Fabrics and bought a styrofoam ball.  I took a super thin dowel and put a hole through the middle.  I placed string down the hole and tied it at the end so it wouldn't slide out.  I wrapped the styrofoam ball in tin foil then glued big sequence to the out side.  The shiny foil and the sequence makes the disco ball sparkle!

This is the dance tickets and disco ball I made...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Prop Master: Scene Props

We have many scenes in the play Romeo and Juliet, which means we need lots of props.  Some of the scenes are at a party, at school, and a fight scene.  For the party we will need lots of different colored lights and a DJ. For school we will need some of the kids to carry books and backpacks. For the fight scene I would need to create different weapons and fake blood.  You can't have a play without good props.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why I Chose Prop Master

I really like being creative.  I think that being a prop master would be a lot of fun and I like the fact that it is hands on.  I want the Romeo and Juliet play to be great.  I think that this is possible if we have great props and creative scenes.  I feel so accomplished when something works out really well and i know i was apart of it.  Iam going to have a great time helping put together scenes and creating props for this play.  I want this play to turn out amazing, and with great props and amazing actors, this is possible!